Take Flight ring

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A delicate hand painted 3-D scene encased in polished resin and set in sterling silver. Hand painted & layered in resin, silver.


Faryn Davis creates tiny, intricate worlds in resin. She blends miniature painted scenes and found specimens such as real grass, lichen, feathers, gemstones, and ethically sourced bones into dimensional resin artwork and jewelry. Each piece is hand painted with toothpicks and brushes, layered in epoxy, then polished into delicate, dreamlike 3-D landscapes populated by magical symbols, birds, bears, foxes, and other creatures. Faryn has been working with resin for over 20 years and creates art full time from her home studio in Asheville, NC. Her work is inspired by the natural world, travels, and a sense of place. She spent her childhood on a farm in western North Carolina and has always considered herself to be a nature lover, collector, and scavenger. She loves finding unusual natural objects and specimens and continues that tradition of collecting and preserving in her paintings and line of dimensional resin jewelry today.
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