Paintbrush & Primrose Goat Milk Soap (Bergamot & Berries)

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A beautifully swirled soap of pinks & purples inspired by the Rosy Paintbrush & Parry Primrose flowers. These flowers bloom soon after the snow melts in the high mountains of Colorado. Charles Parry was an early Colorado plant collector who names Gray's Peak (one of Colorado's 14,000' peaks), for botanist Asa Gray. Gray in turn named this flower for Parry.
Scented in a sweet mix of bergamot, blackberry, peony, honeysuckle and violet leaf with notes of white woods, golden amber & musk.
Ingredients: Saponified Olive, Organic Coconut, Lard & Castor oils, Organic Shea butter, Goat milk, Fragrance, Mineral pigments. Weight: Approx. 4.5 oz.
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